Turnigy 9x in Flight Model SImulator

Hi all, On this post I'll show the 6 steps to use your Turnigy 9x with the flight model simulator.
to do it you just need a p2-p2 mono cable, a computer and your transmitter.

cable (can be mono)

Before use it, you need to download the FMS and the Smart Propo Plus. in your computer

After install both, you need to connect the microphone cable in the computer and in your transmitter. The transmitter will turn on automatically even with the button turned to off.


After open your FMS and automatically the SmartPropoPlus will start. Open the options in the task bar to change the configuration 

Once opened you need to chose these options like on this picture. The audio source doesn't needs to be changed if works in a first test.


After open the menu controls and Analog Control in your FMS, select Joystick Interface and click on Mapping/calibrate.

Calibrate your transmitter and you are ready to go.

how to make a full metal gear servo using broken Servos

I bought some Corona Metal Gear Servos and all of them had a plastic gear inside. The gear close to the motor works well in most of the cases, but could not take much effort when used in a tricopter. 

I used  two broken servos and used a second gear from one of them, To make a new gear and create a full metal gear servo.

After disassembling the entire servo, I positioned the sensor in the centrer position. as shown to the right picture.

A engrenagem de metal era uma pouco mais alta que a de plástico e em função disso, lixei a mesma com a Dremel até obter a altura desejada. 

After that I put the gear in place and noticed that the engine did not run because we needed to seating the gear with its new position.

To solve, put some oil and went running gear with the hand until the engine started to spin by it self.

After that I assembled the Servo and used in my tricopter.

Link of the video

Stabilized Gimbal using KK2.0

'll Show the steps to make your KK2 be able to control a camera gimbal servo.

The first step is to update the  KK2.0 firmware to 1.6.

Attention! copy the values ​​currently set in your KK2.0 because the update may erase them!

For this you need to have a USBasp AVR cable, like this below. This cable will connect your KK2.0 on your computer.

You also need to download the kkmulticopterflashtool_0.76 (or newer) for 2.0 KK2 on this address

http://lazyzero.de/kkflashtool  - search for Latest stable software versions:

Plug the USB adapter into your KK2.0, and then the computer. as shown below. Remove the connectors of ESCs and receiver. Leave only the USB card and  KK2.0

Choose these options in the program.

Click the green button to update the firmware, the manual and more information can be found on the program website.

KK2 connections

After updating the KK2.0 with the new system, you need to connect the gimbal servos in the doors: 7 and 8 in the kk2, to set up the Camera Stabilization values ​​near 500 go to menu and adjusting the value until the gimbal respond well to movements .

If the servo is turning the wrong way, reverse the sign of the value from positive to negative and vice versa.

The gimbal servos will work only with the board armed and the engines running.


Questions? put a comment in Video below.