Stabilized Gimbal using KK2.0

'll Show the steps to make your KK2 be able to control a camera gimbal servo.

The first step is to update the  KK2.0 firmware to 1.6.

Attention! copy the values ​​currently set in your KK2.0 because the update may erase them!

For this you need to have a USBasp AVR cable, like this below. This cable will connect your KK2.0 on your computer.

You also need to download the kkmulticopterflashtool_0.76 (or newer) for 2.0 KK2 on this address  - search for Latest stable software versions:

Plug the USB adapter into your KK2.0, and then the computer. as shown below. Remove the connectors of ESCs and receiver. Leave only the USB card and  KK2.0

Choose these options in the program.

Click the green button to update the firmware, the manual and more information can be found on the program website.

KK2 connections

After updating the KK2.0 with the new system, you need to connect the gimbal servos in the doors: 7 and 8 in the kk2, to set up the Camera Stabilization values ​​near 500 go to menu and adjusting the value until the gimbal respond well to movements .

If the servo is turning the wrong way, reverse the sign of the value from positive to negative and vice versa.

The gimbal servos will work only with the board armed and the engines running.


Questions? put a comment in Video below.


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